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Report by Kelsey Tredgett and Kate Woolley
Year 10 Media Studies
Creepy Crawlies at Crofton

Our Year 8 students were given the opportunity to take part in a ZooLab experience which took place on Thursday 20th of December.  It was run by Helen from ZooLab and pupils were able to hold a variety of animals including snakes, giant African land snails, cockroaches and millipedes. Plus, they learnt tonnes of facts about many animals like tarantulas, toads and rats!

Will Wilson, one of the pupils treated to this experience, said "It's not very often you get to hold animals like this."

Mr Beane was also there for the fun filled activity and said "I think it's fantastic that students have been able to touch and see the animals in person rather than just behind glass or on a projector."

The majority of pupils favoured their encounter with a snake, closely followed by the rat. However, everyone enjoyed handling each of these amazing creatures.

Helen, who lead the afternoon's activities, told us " It's really rewarding to see people being fascinated by the animals as I am."

This unique afternoon was full of excitement and part of the STEMFest which aims to inspire students in the subjects of science, technology, engineering and maths.