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At Crofton Academy we offer our pupils the  opportunity to learn in an exciting and interesting way, many of the skills they will require to lead a full and active life when they leave.  In Technology we are concerned with education in its widest sense, providing a newly refurbished modern, up-to-date learning environment for pupils to develop as designers of the future.  Not only do we attempt to fully develop the talents of each individual pupil, but we encourage ingenuity, social responsibility and the ability to communicate accurately.  

Technology in Years 7, 8 and 9 forms the foundation for National Curriculum Technology Key Stage 3.  All work is based around problem solving and graphic design activities; some taught as specific skills and knowledge elements, some in a more thematic, open style.  It is expected that all pupils will gain experience through working in a range of materials: Fabrics and Yarns, Food, Wood, Metal and  Plastics.  To complement these areas of study all pupils  develop graphic skills and knowledge in using Systems Technology and Information Technology, making full use of our recently updated machinery and fully equipped ICT suite.

At Key Stage 4, pupils will be able to specialise in one or more areas of Technology. These areas are Food, Textiles, Graphics and Resistant Materials.  All these courses will follow the AQA full course to GCSE level. The GCSE grade consists of two elements,  a coursework component and a final written exam. Pupils completing these courses are encouraged to design and create work independently wherever possible, helping them to prepare for life and work beyond Crofton Academy.