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Report by  Kelsey Tredgett, Kate Woolley, Will Howden and Jake Halliwell
Year 10 Media Studies
The Secret Science of Superheroes

Can you really move things using just your mind or turn yourself invisible? Dr Matt Pritchard from Science Magic Shows gave our Year 7 pupils the surprising answer.

The pupils were treated to an amazing show where it was demonstrated how fictional superhero powers can in fact be made possible using science.

Pupils were asked to attempt to move a straw using just their minds. One student, to the shock of their friends, appeared to achieve this! However it was revealed that this was actually accomplished using static electricity.

The whole room was wowed when Dr Pritchard pulled a ball out of what seemed to be just a beaker of water and on-lookers were flabbergasted as they witnessed him hit his thumb with a hammer and feel no pain simply using putty!  

Dr Pritchard said: “I’m here to show pupils that amazing things in comic books and film are actually real life science.”