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Key Stage 4 Results RE

All pupils are required to study Religious Education in order to meet the statutory requirements of the Education Reform Act.  The course is designed to provide a relevant and stimulating curriculum, to build upon work done in earlier years.  Pupils will study Christianity and at least two other religions.  The content will include key beliefs, teachings, concepts and practices.  The key areas covered are life and death issues, abortion, euthanasia, marriage and family life, war and peace and religion on wealth and poverty.

Religious Education promotes pupils’ genuine thinking. The whole of life is explored from a religious, cultural and sociological view point.  Religious Education is closely linked with PSHCE and is set within a moral framework reflecting the school aims.

The subject challenges pupils to express their opinions and deepen their perception of the world around them.  In turn pupils are encouraged to reflect their own beliefs, outlook and personal     convictions.

Religious Education follows the Wakefield Agreed Syllabus and adopts a thematic approach to religion.  Within each module pupils will learn about the ideas of Christianity and at least one other world faith, using a variety of methods.

Religious Education does not pressure pupils into  entering a faith.  In fact, it protects against the effects of conditioning, as pupils learn about the whole spectrum of faith. Religious Education aims to encourage respect of ones self and of others, regardless of background.  It is hoped that the subject will enable the development of pupils in dealing both positively and maturely with life issues outside and beyond Crofton Academy.