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Hi, my name is Alex Pennington and in every newsletter I’ll be writing an article to keep you up to date on all our latest achievements here at Pupil Leadership Team (PLT) with the help of our new addition; the Marketing Team.  There are five pupils from across the school who will help to advertise PLT, the school as a whole and raise our profile.  They are elected in much the same way as us, through an application, interview and a joint decision between Mrs Forrest, Year Group managers, Mrs Pearce and PLT.  

I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the new members of PLT.  Applications were made across the school and competition was fierce!  Check out our new logo (top right). Also, thank you and well done to all the pupils who were chosen to represent their forms as part of their year’s Pupil Council.  They have a hugely important role, discussing whole school issues and subjects which are massively important to pupils to make our school in to a learning environment that benefits all of you.  As an example, one of the Year 11 Council’s main discussions will be on the subject of their Prom.  The Pupil Councils also have their own logo (middle right)!  The first Council meetings will be after half term so make sure that your views and ideas are discussed in form time and watch out for meeting dates!  Years 7-9 can also use the ‘drop-in’ sessions to share their views.  These will take place every half term and your group tutors will give you more information soon.  

This is the structure of pupil voice in school.  The Pupil Body (pupils who are not involved in Pupil Council or PLT) will feed ideas to Pupil Council (the two representatives from each form) who will in turn discuss the ideas at their next meeting.  From there, the decision (if one is made) will then be given to PLT to discuss.

Moving on to our charity work and other projects.  First of all, we are beginning to work in partnership with the Memusi Foundation and Matt Norton to raise awareness of education in Kenya.  The charity has set up three schools already and has schooled a total of 600 children.  This is only part of our charity work though as we are also looking for links to smaller, local charities as well as large charities such as Comic Relief. We will also make sure that everyone knows about fundraising events through assemblies and everyone will have a chance to get involved.

Other projects throughout this year will include planning for the Sensory Garden with Mr Oxley, interviewing potential new staff, writing the new Pupil section of the website and many others.  

Thanks for reading and keep a look out for other updates around school.

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