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Report by Jake Halliwell & Will Howden
Year 10 Media Studies
10’s CSI STEMFest event was a real hands-on experience

Not only was there a great dummy acting as a dead body, one of the pupils dressed up in a forensic suit and looked for fingerprints and the murder weapon with the help from his fellow peers and science teacher Mr Walker.

Mr Walker said that this will help students work in a lab because they had to be "safe and organised".  One student taking part in the event, Charlie Milner, said: I enjoyed it and prefer it to normal lessons.

Many of the students said they would recommend it and thought the experience was enjoyable and challenging.

In one corner of the classroom there was a crime scene set up with forensic tape closing of the scene complete with a faux dead body and a murder weapon coated with fake blood.   The Year 10s took advantage of being in a science lab by using Bunsen burners to find out what type of powder was found at the crime scene.

The activity was only occupied by Year 10s. However, Olivia Bradley said: "This would be good for year 7s & 8s as well."

STEMFest inspires students in the subjects of science, technology, engineering and maths.