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Report by Kelsey Tredgett and Kate Woolley,
Year 10 Media Studies
Maths Madness for Year 8

Team work, puzzle solving and using their math skills to the max - a workshop to really make our Year 7s and 8s think!

With the help of Mr Penny and Year 10 students, each team had to complete tasks in order to store up the highest points and win a prize!

Although some of the puzzles were a struggle, the Year 7 and 8 students made it look simple!

The response from both teachers, and most importantly students, was amazing!

Mr Penny said: “It was great to see pupils enjoying solving math puzzles.”

Plus, fellow maths teacher Miss Corcoran said: “It’s fantastic to see all pupils enjoying solving math puzzles”.

One Year 10 student, Staci Foley-Hall, said “I enjoyed helping the pupils and playing a part in running the activity.”  

The students said they loved it because it was well organised and different from a normal maths lesson.

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