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Key Stage 4 Results

The school has purpose built and fully equipped ICT and Computing suites. ICT and Computing is taught as a discrete subject in years 8-9 and as part of the Aspire curriculum in Year 7. In years 8-9 pupils are timetabled for one hour per week.

As part of the Aspire curriculum Year 7 pupils use ICT to find information, develop and refine ideas and use ICT to   communicate. They look at how to search effectively and safely for information and use ICT to model and test ideas. Pupils are introduced to the ICT systems and software used in school ensuring they can log on to the computers, access shared work and save their own work. Year 7 pupils are taught to be selective and sensitive in what they present to a particular audience and community. Aspire pupils have  access to iPads for research as well as a purpose built ICT suite.

In year 8 pupils follow our own schemes of work covering topics such as programming, web design, video editing and game making. Pupils are assessed using the National  Curriculum levels.

In Year 9 pupils follow our own ICT and Computing schemes of work in line with the new curriculum requirements    incorporating elements of computer science, digital literacy and information technology. Pupils learn some of the basics of programming and how computers store and retrieve  information.

At Key Stage 4 GCSE ICT and GCSE Computer Science are option subjects. The GCSE course covers theory topics assessed through written examination and two practical based controlled assessments. Pupils study the use of ICT at home and in society as well as emerging technologies and their impact on others. Pupils also study a particular company in detail and look at their use of technology. GCSE Computer Science enables pupils to work with real-world, practical programming techniques that give them a good understanding of what makes technology work in addition to relevant theory.

In Year 11 pupils have timetabled core ICT lessons to learn some of the basic ICT skills to complement their others subjects and prepare them for post 16 choices including research techniques and the use of software.

In addition to the regular timetabled lessons in ICT pupils will often carry out work within other subject areas in the ICT suites. For example, they might do word processing activities in English, newsletter production in Geography and research skills in History. Throughout the year we run lunchtime clubs for pupils and catch up sessions after school for Key Stage 4 pupils. This includes the animation and programming club at Key Stage 3.

All pupils are taught standard ways of working with ICT including digital literacy and E-Safety.