In Geography pupils will be taught two units in Year 7: (1) Making Connections (this includes map skills); and (2) Fantastic Places and Adventure Landscapes, both in the UK and around the World.  

In Year 8 pupils complete their first unit looking at the Continent of Africa - its natural features as well as life for people.  The second unit looks at Impossible Places around the World where it is difficult for  people to live.

In Year 9 pupils start with a topic called ‘Risky  Places’, including a focus on earthquakes and  volcanoes.  The second topic looks at Crime and Modern Day Conflict around the World. Finally pupils study the Continent of Antarctica.

If taken as an option, pupils will follow AQA A exam board.  This course focuses on physical geography topics of rives, coasts and natural hazards.  Pupils also study human geography topics of population and change, changing urban environments and tourism.

The course is assessed at the end of Year 11 by two exams, one on physical themes (37.5%) and one on human themes (37.5%).  At the end of Year 10 pupils take part in a field trip which provides the data and information for their controlled assessment (25%), completed in Year 11.


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