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Key Stage 4 Results ENGLISH

English is at the 'core' of the National Curriculum and although it has its own unique place on the timetable, its concerns underpin and drive the whole school curriculum. The English course emphasises the importance of accuracy and competence in the use of language in all its attainment targets: speaking and listening, reading and writing.  

Pupils in Key Stage 3 are following a course designed to cover the requirements of the National Curriculum and to teach them the skills necessary to achieve across the areas of: speaking and listening, reading and writing.  Indeed pupils will be taught how to progress through the levels by understanding how to meet each assessment focus criteria - clear guidelines regarding what a pupil must do to be awarded each level of attainment.

In Key Stage 4 pupils follow the WJEC GCSE examination courses in English, English Language or English Literature.  Some pupils are also entered for the WJEC Additional English.

It is our intention to improve and develop our pupils' literacy, oral and writing skills, and to empower them to use language effectively throughout their lives. We believe that an enjoyment and appreciation of fiction, drama and poetry play an important part in developing this use of  language.

The three year average for the department is above 70%.