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Everyday the amount of knowledge in the world grows.  At Crofton Academy we believe that it is important to teach pupils the skills to be able to find out and use knowledge that they need, when they need it.  This skills-based curriculum will complement the traditional subject based curriculum.  It will focus on the following key areas:

Through the use of new technologies, different styles and approaches to learning we aim to  develop independence, skills and knowledge that pupils need to the changing demands of the workplace.

SUBJECT OVERVIEW OVERVIEW WHAT IS ASPIRE? QUALITIES OF AN INDEPENDENT LEARNER Units 1 &2 Crofton Project Unit 3 Team Building Unit 4 Grow your Brain Unit 5 Time IT’S OK . . .   To try things out  To ask questions  To feel unsure   To let your mind wander  To daydream  To ask for help  To experiment  To take time out  To practise  To ask for help, again and again  To make mistakes  To check your understanding