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Through this subject within the National Curriculum, pupils experience a wide variety of art design and craft activities.  It is our intention to increase pupils' understanding of the principles and processes behind visual communication. Through co-operative ventures we promote respect for the ideas and contributions of other artists, designers and craftspeople.  The design process is the common theme behind all our activities and the quest for improvement in standards is continually encouraged.

This progresses naturally into the course work style of GCSE Art and Design in Years 10 and 11 as we continue to follow our broad multi media approach.  Many of our examination pupils follow a mixed media  design, drawing and painting course but we have also introduced a 3D course which has great appeal to those pupils who show potential in the use of a wide variety of construction techniques and materials.  Year 11 pupils are expected to work more independently ensuring thorough research and preparation at all times. They are given the opportunity for self expression and the course demands a high level of awareness and self discipline.  Pupils benefit greatly from specialist staff and equipment and respond positively to the challenges placed before them.