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The ability to communicate effectively and accurately is central to life and learning and the school aims to ensure that all pupils are able to express themselves in a wide range of ways. Through a committed whole school approach to Literacy, it is hoped that all our pupils can develop into independent learners and thinkers, raising attainment across the curricular areas.

Beginning in Year 7, teachers consistently aim to promote accurate extended writing and pupils are taught to use a wide variety of reading and research strategies.  

Correct spelling and effective use of grammar are promoted in every subject area and encouraged in lessons.  Teachers aim to focus not only on subject specific key words, but develop pupils’ wider vocabulary and writing skills.  A variety of strategies are encouraged to improve speaking and listening skills and pupils are taught the conventions and layouts of different texts.

Accelerated Reading Years 7 and 8

The Accelerated Reading (AR) programme is used to make essential reading practice more effective for every pupil in Year 7 and Year 8.  The goal of AR is to personalise, manage and assess each pupil’s reading practice and to build a lifelong love of reading and learning.  A number of research studies have documented the positive impact of AR on pupil  reading, achievement and motivation.

Pupils read books at the reading level designated by the ‘STAR’ reading test that they will sit at the start of Year 7.  Books can then be selected from the school library.  ‘Beginner Readers’ are encouraged to read their book a minimum of two or three times so that they completely comprehend the content.  The AR programme tests their comprehension down to minute details.  

When a pupil is confident that they understand the entire book, they sit down at a library computer and click into the AR website to take a ‘once only’ quiz about the book they have just read.  When the test is complete, the AR programme tells them how they have done on the test.  If there are questions answered incorrectly, the programme gives the pupil the option to look at those questions again with the correct answer.   

Points are earned for tests passed.  On the inside front cover of each library book there is a label with the reading/book level and the number of points earned for passing the test at 100%.  For each question missed, the number of points earned goes down.  If the test is failed no points are awarded.

Reading reports can be given throughout the year and early intervention can take place where pupils are  found to be struggling with their reading.  


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